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For this project we have created a unique physical space that is refined and welcoming, with great attention to its design and small details, in order to provide each client with a sense of comfort and well-being.

The center is also fully equipped with American machinery, built from the original drawings of Joseph Pilates.

Changing rooms are available, with a fine selection of products for the cleansing and well-being of the body.

In the salt areas, hot or fresh beverages and small natural snacks, such as dried fruit, are available in case of fatigue.

Terry towels for machines and beds, and towels for face and shower can be made available occasionally, in case you forget to bring your own.

Some rules to follow


To maintain the studio’s hygiene and cleanliness, we ask that you remove your shoes at the entrance and leave them on the shelves provided.
Do not wear shoes during the lessons; you may wear light anti-slip socks or bare feet. Trainers may be used only if requested by the instructor.

Wear comfortable and preferably form-fitting, stretchy clothing, to be able to move freely and allow the instructor to check your movement and body alignment.
At the end of the lesson, please clean the seat of the machine and your mat with the appropriate nebulizers provided by the studio, in order to ensure good hygiene for the next person to use the equipment.

In order to optimize our time, and for the satisfaction of our clients, we ask you to turn off your mobile phone before entering the halls and to speak in a quiet voice so as not to disturb the lessons in progress.