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The choice of practices to be followed can be made after a preliminary introductory meeting with our certified trainers. During this meeting, the trainers will evaluate the expectations and needs of the client, and based on the outcome of this evaluation they will create customised and personalized training sessions.

This practice is powerful and produces fast results, based on an effective blend of traditional disciplines with the benefits of dance, yoga, aerobics, Barre Workout, Weightlifting and Fletcher Pilates®.

Fusion Pilates represents a contemporary evolution of the Pilates method, thanks to the deep experience and great professionalism of Estella Kelemen, who, through her ongoing study and continuing education, brings new knowledge and updates to the various techniques that are offered.

Each lesson combines at least three different techniques that will vary according to the teacher’s preference

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This is the best known style of yoga, probably because it is the one that best suits the psycho-physical needs of Westerners.

Hatha Yoga is a yoga style that focuses on physical movement (postures), providing benefits such as fluidity of the spinal column (excellent for preventing and treating back pain, neck pain or anyone with scoliosis problems).


• improves the elasticity of the muscles and tendons, and develops the ability to check in with and listen to the body
• awakens diaphragmatic breathing, rarely practiced by the vast majority of people

Because of its ability to reestablish correct posture, thereby keeping the body young and elastic, these lessons are designed for those who prefer a more gentle approach to physical activity, or as an addition to Fusion Pilates.

Body Move Pilates, or the mixture of Pilates with other holistic disciplines, is complemented by the use of the Matilde’s Braid method.


  • increases flexibility, balance and correct posture
  • improves elasticity of the body and joints
  • lengthens muscles
  • strengthens abdominals
  • develops awareness of the use of various muscle groups
  • gives a sense of lightness and elegance, the body feels rejuvenated